When Mark was 11 years old, his parents gave him his first camera – a Polaroid Minute Maker. Light was his brush; film was his canvas. Having developed a unique perspective throughout his childhood, he commenced capturing the world – one mountain, one hill, one tree at a time. The “magic” of photography fascinated him. His passion continued to grow as he discovered his father’s Keystone K-12 8mm movie camera. At last, adding life to his canvas was at his command. However, a creative genius he was not… yet.

After 10 years as a portrait photographer and 13 years as a graphic designer, today, he combines photography and videography skills with web and graphic design. Using the latest technology and software, he works diligently to guarantee the satisfaction and success of his clients. Deadlines and milestones are some of his oldest friends. Working closely with his clients, listening to their requirements and concerns, and suggesting appropriate action allow him to meet, and quite often, exceed their expectations.

Mark recently obtained his Remote Pilot certificate with an sUAS rating. Adding to his services, as an FAA certified drone pilot, he now provides inspection, analysis, and film work with a Mavic Air 2. In 2021, he plans to grow his fleet to include thermal imaging and crop dusting drones.